Submission Guidelines

Bibliomotion is seeking high-quality and thought-provoking content with commercial appeal. We are publishing primarily in the trade business category, with sub-categories including leadership & management, innovation, learning & development, finance, and more. We are also accepting submission for the following non-fiction categories: parenting, self-help, health, and pets. Please submit your completed proposal directly to Erika Heilman, publisher,

Guidelines for a Book Proposal

The proposal is one of the most important parts of the publishing process, designed to clarify your thoughts and the viability of your project. We find the following key pieces of information helpful in making our publishing decisions. Please include:

Working title: Suggest a title and subtitle that clearly expresses the essence of your work. Include possible alternatives as well.

Pitch: Provide a paragraph or two that describes the subject and overall content of the work. This “elevator pitch” would become the main message for promoting the book going forward and should be carefully crafted with this in mind.

Need: Explain what the work intends to do for the reader and how it will accomplish that goal, essentially “the promise to the reader.” What about the book makes it topical or relevant to today’s audience? Most importantly, how does this book go above-and-beyond previously published works on the same subject? What unique features of the book contribute to its field? What new insights, models or research add to current thinking and practice?

Knowledge base: Describe your background on this subject (academic and/or professional). How does your background enrich the work and give you a unique perspective on its subject matter?

Audience: Describe the primary and secondary audiences for the book. Is the project designed for consumers, businesspeople, travelers, trainers, academics, students, government agencies, etc.? Is the audience global—or more specific to North America?

Outline/Table of contents: Provide a chapter-by chapter outline of the contents with a sentence or two summarizing each chapter or section.

Sample chapters: Sample chapters are very helpful at the proposal stage. A single chapter plus an Introduction that is indicative of the content and shows your writing style is extremely useful in our decision process. Please do not send complete manuscripts at this stage.

Author information: Your biography, vita or resume should include relevant professional experience, previous publications, and your qualifications for writing this book.

Marketing opportunities: Publishing is a partnership and we would like to understand your ability to help us market and sell the book. Would you be able to promote your work (please be specific with all questions below):

  • Within your community or professional organization?
  • If you are a professor or teach professionally, through your classes or institution(s)?
  • Through speaking engagements or training sessions?
  • Through your own mailing lists and connections?

Please tell us to know about:

  • Any professional associations you are a member of
  • Your traditional media contacts (both print and online)
  • Any radio or TV appearances you have made, especially if they are regular
  • Do you have a website and/or a blog? (provide URLs)
  • Are you active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook? (with details on following)
  • Any publications, such as newsletters and e-newsletters, that you publish. How large is your readership? How frequently do you publish?
  • If you contribute to print or internet publications. If so, please attach some examples of these articles, columns, etc.
  • Published interviews, stories, or articles about you
  • Potential prominent individuals who would likely provide an endorsement or foreword for your book

Competing and related works: Please list the primary competition for your work and any titles that are similar to yours. What are the major differences? How is your work more useful or authoritative? It’s very important to describe in detail the ways your book will expand the literature in its field.

Estimated length: In number of words (e.g., 60,000 is average), estimate the number of words in your complete manuscript. Will your book contain art, figures, graphs, or tables?

Timetable: Estimate time needed to complete the manuscript and provide an approximate delivery date.
Other publishers: Please let us know if you have submitted or plan to submit this work to other publishers for consideration.

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