The Q-Loop

The Art & Science of Lasting Corporate Change

Brian Klapper

The business environment has never been more fast-paced and competitive. Survival, let alone success, depends on an organization’s ability to recognize possibilities, innovate, implement change, and sustain that transformation. Yet a paradox exists. How does an established organization filled with long-time employees, a deeply entrenched culture, and a history of drawn-out planning and development cycles become nimble, innovative, and responsive? In The Q-Loop Brian Klapper reveals the “art and science” of lasting transformation based on a proven, repeatable model. Learn how to unlock the potential of your organization’s collective intelligence to create buy-in from top to bottom. The Q-Loop extracts the deep knowledge that resides with front line employees, breaks down their inherent resistance to change, and converts them into passionate advocates who are fully invested in leading the organization to achieve transformational results.

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6 x 9 hardcover | 240 pages
May 7, 2013

  • The Klapper Institute gets results in weeks, not months or years; they put their fee on the line in terms of results, and they use client people - not a team of MBAs - to deliver results. It's a very different, innovative approach around which they have built an enormously successful business.
    Michael Murray, President, American Skandia
  • The Klapper Institute has built one of the most powerful approaches to enterprise-wide change I have seen in some time. It combines problem-solving training and train-the-trainer. Its applications focus on strategy implementation, process transformation, business execution, and large-scale change. Their founder, Brian Klapper, has a tremendous track record of delivering results with both large and small companies.
    Neal Pomroy, Managing Director, Credit Suisse Merchant Banking Partners
  • Prior to working with The Klapper Institute, we were chasing an assortment of 'best practices' that were not connected and had not given us a sales increase for years! Today, we are seeing positive results. Morale is way up. Belief is back. Teamwork is improved. Roles and responsibilities are clearer and everyone is supporting the new process. And, yes...sales increases are happening! Klapper added tremendous value for us.
    Thomas Kelly, Senior Vice President, Avon Products, Inc.
  • The Klapper approach uniquely combines the disciplined structure of traditional process improvement methodologies with a rapid time-to-value focus. With the pace of business today, accelerating process improvement is critical. The Klapper Institute approach has given us a proven way to achieve outstanding results quickly.
    Dave Benson, Executive Vice President, CIO, Progress Software

Media Coverage

  • The Q-Loop is the rare ‘how to’ book that provides a step-by-step action plan for achieving transformational change. Over my 30 years working with Six Sigma, ISO and Kaizen, I’ve never seen anything as effective at driving operational efficiency as the work pioneered by Brian Klapper. In addition, because of his work with us, our customer service scores and employee satisfaction are rising. We are far from finished but what I will have in the end is a culture of process improvement and an organization that is much more scalable and operationally efficient.
    David Castellani, CEO, New York Life Retirement Plan Services
  • This book takes the change bull by the horns – it gets directly at what management needs to do to tee up and implement productive change, rather than announce yet another change program.
    Ian MacMillan, PhD, the Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Director, Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center, Wharton Graduate School of Business
  • Brian Klapper weaves together two seemingly unrelated disciplines, the hard science of operational transformation with the art of behavioral change, to create a breakthrough approach to corporate transformation. The Q-Loop is an innovator’s guide to accelerating transformational change and more importantly, making it stick. If you are involved with any aspect of business transformation, you will read it, reference it, and use it as a daily companion.
    Tom Kelly, CEO, Silpada Designs
  • The Q-Loop combines two critical elements for achieving real results: 1) a practical methodology rather than a bunch of theory and 2) a unique approach to accelerate implementation. Change is hard and the Q-Loop model helped us meet our aggressive goals.
    Dave Benson, CIO, Progress Software
  • We've employed the Q-Loop for roughly three years now and can honestly say that it has positively contributed to our culture of change by enabling ownership and accountability to be better distributed throughout our organization. The approach has also generated a consistent series of relatively quick ‘wins,’ which has directly translated into dramatic bottom-line results. This has reinforced our vision and motivated participation in the next project and the one after that. The Q-Loop provides an effective vehicle upon which to embark on a journey that demands patience, candor and endurance.
    Drew Lawton, senior managing director, New York Life Investments, LLC
  • The Q-Loop treats the management of organizational change in a new and powerful way. It concentrates on the often overlooked requirement for vitalizing the organization to see the need for the change and to become enthusiastic about the future offered by it.
    David J. BenDaniel, PhD, Don and Margi Berens Professor of Entrepreneurship; Professor of Management, Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University
  • If you are in a leadership role in any organization, The Q-Loop is a must-read to drive your business and team cultivate a strong culture of creativity and adaptability. More than just great guidance and insights, the book is presented in a very user-friendly, interactive style that enables you to immediately apply Q-Loop's valuable concepts into your organization – a start down the road toward a successful and lasting positive transformation. As a bonus, it's also thoroughly enjoyable and fun to read!
    Janet Tsai Dargan, EVP, Strategy and Operations, Sony Pictures Television
  • A must-read for anyone interested in delivering enterprise-wide change. The Q-Loop is a unique yet highly pragmatic approach for crafting solutions that are actionable, achievable, and sustainable. We have used the approach in our portfolio companies with great success.
    Neal Pomroy, partner and managing director, DLJ Merchant Banking