The Chocolate Conversation

Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform Your Business

Rose Fass

The single factor that determines success or failure in big business today is conversation. Great leaders use public and private conversations to cultivate a common worldview, set standards, and uncover concerns that can undermine the goals of the organization. So what conversations are you, as a leader, having with your organization? Experienced business transformation consultant Rose Fass shows how leaders can avoid a meltdown and instead drive transformation by the way they communicate in a language that all stakeholders can understand. The Chocolate Conversation takes a light-hearted approach to show how too often we think we’re having the same conversation — about “dark chocolate,” for instance — only to be referring to three different things: milk, white, and bittersweet varieties. Fass helps us establish common ground that leads to an effective discourse for addressing relevance, growth, productivity, and scale — the four most important issues she sees in business today.

Print | 978-1-937134-49-5 | $24.95
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5.5 x 8.5 hardcover | 240 pages
April 16, 2013

Media Coverage

  • Rose Fass is the undisputed master of organizational dynamics, and this book proves she has the bead on what it takes to transform companies and brands in these challenging times. The simplicity of her idea—that everything that matters happens ‘in the conversation’—is both essential and critical for success in a complex world. Read the book, join the conversation, and bask in Rose’s wisdom, as I’ve done many times in my career.
    Bob Greenberg, founder, chairman and CEO, R/GA
  • My senior leadership team was formed through acquisitions, restructuring, and a compelling need to reinvent our business. We had a clear mission, or so we thought. Instead our team was fragmented and we needed help. In walks a dynamic, insightful woman asking us to define chocolate?! It triggered a conversation that led us to recognize that past victories would not take us into the future—and to instead frame a unified strategy and focused actions. We got the job done. When I assumed my next executive leadership role, the first call I made was to that same dynamic woman, Rose Fass, for my next ‘chocolate conversation.’
    Karen T. Cone, general manager, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft
  • Rose Fass is a skilled practitioner of the thoughts, ideas, and concepts she writes about in this outstanding book. The Chocolate Conversation is not a pie in the sky reading. Her conversations with you throughout these pages are full of rich insight that will strip away the fluff and demonstrate that meaningful organizational change is rooted in multi-level, cross-functional conversations. Rose’s book underscores the old maxim: if you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevancy even less.
    Thomas A. Kayser, author of Mining Group Gold and Building Team Power
  • The Chocolate Conversation is a must-read and field manual for anyone setting out to change their company from the heart and hand of the master change maker herself, Rose Fass. Rose’s warmth and wit, down-to-earth style, and galvanizing authority is on every page. Run, don’t walk, to get your copy of this delightful and wildly informative book.
    Kevin Allen, founder and CEO, re:kap, and author of the WSJ best-seller The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following
  • Rose Fass has written a remarkably rich book that carries the reader along swiftly, easily, and enjoyably from cover to cover. In just two hundred pages, the author shows her experienced judgment on to reframe thinking and conversations, and incites her readers to take action.
    Peter Koestenbaum, PhD, founder and chairman of PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute
  • True brilliance is not about developing complex theories or pontificating about piles of research reporting out on what has already happened. True brilliance is about simplifying complex issues and harnessing people’s energy to change the world. In that light, The Chocolate Conversation is simply brilliant. Rose brings her experience, inherent intellect, and frankly raw talent forward in to this book. She is a strategist, motivator, and business leader. She brings clarity to chaos, finds solutions to big business problems, and most importantly drives and delivers results. Putting the tools delivered in this book into action will be the single most important business investment you can make in the coming years.
    Martha Delehanty, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • I know Rose and, boy, do I know chocolate. Together they hold a conversation that will change you and your company. In today's world, laden with so many know-it-all books full of the same old promises, Rose Fass' insights beg us to have a dialogue that reframes our thinking and ‘talk time’ to get people to act.
    Albert Gaulden, founding director, The Sedona IntensiveTM and author of You're Not Who You Think You Are