The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Andrea Coville

Today, when companies and customers are faced with an infinite number of messages, the word “relevance” has taken on a new meaning and dimension. We know that relevance matters, but what does that mean exactly? Andrea Coville guides leaders and executives toward the realization that if they can focus on a single, guiding principle—a magnetic one—that permeates their brand or company, customers will not only engage but change thinking and behavior in turn. Relevance takes us through the dimensions of relevance—both qualitative and quantitative—in order to find the starting point on the Relevance Scale: where we are and where to go from here. The book walks the reader through the elements of staying relevant as well as the circumstances that contribute to establishing a relevance platform. The author offers many examples as well as explaining messaging strategies.

Whether you are working with a consumer product, a nonprofit, or a B2B company, Andrea Coville believes you, your brand, or your company have the power to change and influence behavior and make an impact.

Print | 978-1-937134-82-2 |  $26.95
eBook | 978-1-937134-83-9 | $19.99
Enhanced eBook | 978-1-937134-84-6 | $19.99
5.5 x 8.5 hardcover | 192 pages
March 11, 2014

Media Coverage

  • Every day I meet brilliant entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique edge when it comes to presenting their ideas to the world. In an age of relentless competition, it's imperative to cut through the clutter. The concept of Relevance provides a means to doing just that. It's an approach to articulating business ideas that's guaranteed to connect with investors and consumers alike with undeniable emotional and rational power.
    Jeffrey F. Rayport, Author and Fellow in Executive Education, Harvard Business School
  • This is much more than a ‘business book.’ Whether you’re advancing a product, idea, candidate or cause, it’s essential to be relevant in this noisy world. Here’s how.
    Joe Trippi, Owner, Trippi & Associates
  • Marketing has never been more challenging. The people you are trying to reach are busier than ever, distracted, and overwhelmed by commercial messages of all kind. If you can show them what your product or service does is relevant to their lives, they will at least listen to you. That’s all we can ask for. This book shows you a new approach to break through all the clutter by being relevant.
    Dan Collins, Division Vice President of Corporate Communications, Corning Incorporated
  • Andy Coville demonstrates how something can be relevant to one generation yet completely foreign to another. Read this book and discover new behavior triggers, how they differ among age groups, and how to engage them at will.
    Erica Dhawan, Founder & CEO, Cotential
  • We sell to the world. That can be complicated, but Andy Coville shows that relevance is a universal force. Her insights on influencing customer decision-making can deliver powerful results wherever you do business.
    Minjung Sung, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Advertising and PR, Chung-Ang University
  • In the non-profit world, you need to engage the hearts and minds of people to believe and support your mission. With true engagement, you can accomplish remarkable things. Creating Relevance is a powerful means to creating emotional alignment with your brand. This book gives fresh insight into making that happen.
    Greg Donaldson, former National Vice President, Corporate Communications, at the American Cancer Society