Minimalist Parenting

Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less

Christine Koh, Asha Dornfest

We’re in the midst of a parenting climate that feeds on “more”: more expert advice, more gear, more fear about competition and safety, and more choices to make about education, nutrition, even entertainment. The result? Overwhelmed, confused parents and overscheduled, over-parented kids. In Minimalist Parenting, Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest offer a fresh approach to navigating all of this conflicting background “noise.” They show how to tune into your family’s unique values and priorities and confidently identify the activities, stuff, information, and people that truly merit space in your life. The book begins by showing the value of a minimalist approach, backed by the authors’ personal experience practicing it. It then leads parents through practical strategies for managing time, de-cluttering the home space, simplifying mealtimes, and streamlining recreation. Filled with parents’ personal stories, readers will come away with a unique plan for a simpler life!

Print | 978-1-937134-34-1 | $19.95
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5.5 x 8.5 paperback | 272 pages
March 19, 2013

Media Coverage

  • Christine Koh
  • Asha Dornfest
  • In Minimalist Parenting, Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest offer readers a much-welcome alternative to the usual parenting advice. With its focus on simplicity, self-knowledge, kindness, and confidence, this book gives parents the tools to help themselves—and, more importantly, trust themselves—as they navigate the often overwhelming terrain of managing family life.
    Andrea J. Buchanan, New York Times bestselling author of The Daring Book for Girls
  • For any parents who feel overwhelmed with clutter in their homes, their schedules, or their brains (that is, just about every parent!), Minimalist Parenting is an invaluable guide to making family life more serene—and more fun.
    Gretchen Rubin, author of Happier at Home and the best-seller The Happiness Project
  • Who says that parenting has to be about buying, watching, fretting, obsessing and scheduling? Well, no one—in those words. But for many folks, that's what it is. Here's a way to say goodbye to the treadmill and howdy to happiness, extra space and free time.
    Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids
  • In Minimalist Parenting Koh and Dornfest offer keen insights about how to live a less stressful parenting life. This is a practical, comprehensive guidebook that also feels like a good, supportive, and upbeat friend. Harried parents may not have time to read it, which is exactly why they should.
    Katherine Ozment, contributing editor at Boston magazine
  • A sensible, calming tonic for parents trying to escape the maelstrom of impossible social expectations and unbearable childrearing anxiety.
    Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother
  • What a great idea—for top parenting bloggers Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest to create a book, sharing their lessons learned and curating other advice from wise bloggers about how to simplify our lives as parents so we can enjoy everyday moments more. I was particularly inspired by the many unique suggestions about decluttering!
    Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute author of Mind in the Making
  • In parenting, less is turning out to be more. But how much less? And which less, exactly? Minimalist Parenting helps you figure it out in ways that fit your schedule, your style, and—most importantly—your values.
    Katherine Center, author of The Bright Side of Disaster and Everyone Is Beautiful
  • Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh buck the trend toward ‘expert’ parenting by encouraging parents to trust in their own competence. Minimalist Parenting goes further, providing practical tips for managing time, stuff, and perspective.
    Emma Lively, co-author of The Prosperous Heart and The Artist's Way for Parents
  • From the moment I read their phrase 'wrestling with abundance' I knew that Christine and Asha were on to something. Minimalist Parenting is just the boost you need. The tidbits of wisdom from some of my favorite bloggers on how they've handled the inevitable curveballs of parenting was inspiring reading for this newish mom.
    Jory Des Jardins, co-founder of BlogHer and mother of two
  • If you learn how to be a minimalist parent, you’ll have a maximalist's amount of time to love your family and life. I trust Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh with this stuff. This book is a go-to resource!
    Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works and author of The Impact Equation
  • The goal of Minimalist Parenting is stunningly simple—to keep the stuff that increases joy and reduce what doesn't. There aren't enough books like this in the parenting space! Reading it boosted my confidence.
    Heather Flett & Whitney Moss, publishers of Rookie Moms and 510 Families and authors of Stuff Every Mom Should Know and The Rookie Mom’s Handbook
  • Wow. I wish this book had been around when I was still struggling with school, sports, music, meals, and the occasional meltdown!  That said, there are lots of tips and much wisdom that is helpful to anyone trying to ‘minimize’ what it takes to get happily through the day. I will keep my copy ready at hand!
    Ginny Wolfe, senior director of strategic relationships, The ONE Campaign
  • This book is filled with honest, practical and useful advice that will help any parent keep their sanity. Thankfully not just another parenting book, but a strategic guide to keeping your family happy and on track.
    C.C. Chapman, author of Amazing Things Will Happen and founder of Digital Dads