Just Run It!

Running an Exceptional Business Is Easier Than You Think

Dick Cross

In America alone, tens of thousands of businesses crop up each year. Unfortunately, few will succeed, though not due to a lack of ingenuity, initiative, or even capital. Why, then? Because, according to Dick Cross, author of Just Run It!: Running an Exceptional Business Is Easier Than You Think, most business owners lack not just the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts of operating a business effectively day in and day out, but the bigger picture of how to achieve business success. This shortcoming is pervasive: it handicaps most new businesses from the start and it prevents the lion’s share of existing ones from ever becoming significant. After taking dozens of mainstream companies from underperforming to outstanding, Cross observed a pattern, out of which he devised his Just Run It! formula. This simple formula now helps small and medium-sized enterprises how to visualize their mainstream businesses on “the back of an envelope” and to achieve the next level of success.

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April 3, 2012

Media Coverage

  • Business adviser Cross is a steadfast believer in the power of the American small business. Though half a million new businesses are founded each year, most fail because the founders lack the overarching knowledge of how to run a business. In response, Cross has developed a framework to structure the reader’s thinking about how to tackle this challenge. He takes readers through the four dimensions that describe all businesses (needs, positioning, customers, and competencies), his process of Vision-Strategy-Execution, a business’s natural life cycle, managing funds, and demystifying leadership and management, as well as offering scripts for discussions and negotiations, and tips for instituting values…a remarkably readable game plan for business success.
    Publishers Weekly
  • Take a very bright architect who is trained to know how things ‘fit.’ Put him in positions of leadership where he invests the front half of his career as a consultant to CEO's and the back half actually being the CEO…and what do you get? One incredibly believable person. Read Just Run it! because it will benefit every company leader and provide personal gifts for a lifetime.
    John C. Adams, Retired Chairman and CEO, AutoZone Inc.
  • Save your time and money on consultants. Everything that Dick Cross shares with us comes from one of those rare generous birds who has taken the theoretical and applied it to real-time practice of running a company. Just Run It! is a must-read for anyone in management who is searching for strategic enlightenment.
    Mike Toth, Founder and Chief Creative Director, Toth & Co
  • Dick Cross’s capacity to distill outwardly complicated concepts into comprehensible, value creating action steps is rare. Read the book…you’ll learn something and be entertained.
    Peter Lamm, Fenway Partners
  • Having owned, operated, and invested in many businesses over the years I can say that Just Run It! goes right to the core of running successful companies—outlining and explaining core platforms succinctly and with emphasis on fundamentals. Dick's focus is 'old school' in that people matter most, both on the inside and with customers/clients on the outside. Just Run It! presents a framework for businesses of all types in dramatically simple and easy-to-read fashion.
    Frederic H. Mayerson, Chairman, The Frederic H. Mayerson Group, The Walnut Group
  • Just Run It! is a critical reference piece in assessing and managing every investment. The key to success is the best possible understanding up front, a clear vision of where a company can achieve value creation, and most importantly, an actionable plan. The Vision-Strategy-Execution approach allows for all of this while avoiding the number one mistake, hesitation to act.
    Robert Egan, Alston Capital Partners
  • Dick Cross combines his real-world experience with his attention to design and architecture to examine the inherent structural dynamics of successful capital ventures. Just Run It! carries a universal message which is just as relevant to a small professional personal service business as it is to a large manufacturer of branded merchandise.
    Howell Hollis, Managing Partner, Smith Moore Law
  • Just Run It! is the appropriate title for this book. I have had the opportunity to witness The Cross Method of running companies several times and have added this method to my consulting service for start-ups and mature companies and it has never failed me or my clients. Dick is one of those who have discovered the secret of combining passion with business, and his book teaches you to run your company by example.
    Thomas Gerety, Principal, Thomas F Gerety and Associates
  • Dick Cross has a way of distilling complex ideas into simple to understand concepts. He then makes sure those simple ideas are constantly delivered to the organization and its constituents so that everyone understands what is possible. He instills a positive outlook in his work while creating an environment of integrity and values—in the process, building a committed team focused on achieving high and far reaching goals. Dick never accepts the status quo, but is always looking for ways to create a better, more understandable, more effective market-based business model.
    Douglas L. Diamond, Equity-South Advisors, LLC