Dick Cross

Dick Cross has worked with underperforming companies for more than 25 years, helping mainstream businesses get “unstuck” to achieve their next level of success. Cross has been the Chairman, CEO, or President at nine of those companies, and has mentored more than 100 CEOs at others. Much of his career has been spent in private equity circles, including Fenway Partners, and he currently serves on the board of numerous corporate, philanthropic, and civic organizations.

Early in his career, Cross worked with the management consulting firm The Cambridge Research Institute (CRI), and later joined the Berwick Group, a start-up, Boston-based general management consulting firm focusing on strategic planning. The focus of his work there was diagnosing and addressing companies’ shortfalls in strategic and financial business performance. The beginnings of his Just Run It! framework began to take shape.

At Fenway Partners, Cross continued to perfect his craft. The prospectus for Fenway was to acquire and fix under-performing businesses. Since that time, Cross has gone on to run eight companies and to help dozens more turn around. Most recently, as Chairman and CEO of CARSTAR, a business that he steered from insolvency to a hugely successful recapitalization valued at ten times earning, Cross once again proved the success of his Just Run It! approach. During that time he also served as a Chairman or Director of a number of other business and philanthropic organizations.

Cross is an enthusiastic, colorful, and engaging speaker, who greatly enjoys conveying the story behind every business. He holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Science in Business from Columbia University. He and his wife split the year between Concord, Massachusetts, and Gloucester Point, Virginia.

Though this book and his Just Run It! Summits, Cross’s goal is to spread the word that running your business is easier than you think.

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